Blue Uplighting at Rochdale Town Hall

An architectural lighting role for us today at the magnificent Rochdale Town Hall.

Hired to light the main room and window arches, as well as the staircase, in blue, turquoise and green uplighting we transformed the room into a gorgeous Wedding setting.

We used 2 uplighters per window arch, lighting half in each shade of blue. We also lit the stage area with our par 64 par cans and stage washes and carefully lighted the organ which look fantastic above the DJ lights.

Finally, we used around another 20 uplighters to colour the room in the designated blue and green colours which brought the dark room to life!

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire at Rochdale Town Hall

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Blue Uplighting for Winter Wonderland Wedding in Whitchurch Chester

We hire our equipment and venue dressing to all kinds of themed Weddings and events.

This Wedding was perhaps one of the most surprising!

Set on a scorching sunny Summers evening, as a surprise to the Bride, the Groom had ordered in a movie grade snow machine to completely cover the entire room in snow to create a fantastic Winter Wonderland themed Wedding.

We complemented the snow by adding in our fairylight backdrop, ice white led dancefloor with twinkling white led lights and ice blue uplighters to uplight the entire room.

The entire Winter Wonder land theme looked stunning. Seen here in the photograph image is our blue uplighting giving the theme the finishing touch.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire at Whitchurch Chester

Winter Wonderland Wedding

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Ceremony Lighting in a Marquee

Uplighting can be used in a variety of venues and rooms.

Here we have a Wedding Ceremony, or civil ceremony, in a marquee rather than a hotel or Wedding venue.

The uplighters coloured the walls of the marquee in a blush pink coloured lighting to give the ceremony a nice colour scheme which matched with the Wedding flowers and Bridesmaids Dresses and Groomsmens ties.

See our products used on this event here:

Ceremony Lighting

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Chair Cover Hire at Hurlston Hall

Hurlston Hall was this weekends venue for a lovely bright Wedding.

Photographed here for the civil ceremony you can see how clean and bright our white chair covers are, and the perfect fit they give.

We matched them with royal blue organza lace sashes tied in traditional bows which worked very well.

We added in a few subtle blue uplighters to give the ceremony a touch of colour.

After the service the room was re set for the Wedding Breakfast meal and the chairs rearranged around the tables for the meal.

See our products used on this event here:

Chair Cover Hire Hurlston Hall

Ceremony Lighting

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Check Dancefloor at Peckforton Castle Cheshire

The black and white checked dance floor fits in with any type of Wedding venue, whether it be a small hotel or a large castle, such as this weeks Wedding at Peckforton Castle near Tarporley in Cheshire.

Positioned in the middle of the Great Hall, this is a photo taken after the Ceremony as we were preparing the room for the evening party celebrations.

We left a space on the left for the DJ to set up and covered the room in purple lighting using our uplighters.

A fantastic venue, and one where our black and white checkerboard dancefloor looks fantastic and compliments the medieval decor of the castle.

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor hire Peckforton Castle

Purple Uplighting

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Dancefloor Hire at Abbey House Hotel Barrow Cumbria

A blue and yellow colour scheme was required at todays Wedding at Abbey House Hotel in Barrow in Furness in Cumbria.

In the main event room we supplied around 20 uplights in alternate royal blue and yellow, to match the chair covers and table decorations.

For an added wow! we hired our 14x14 twinkling dancefloor in white in the centre of the room which worked really well with the blue and yellow lighting.

The Wedding party were also dressed in the same colour scheme and once the dancefloor was full the room looked fantastic!

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting at Abbey House

Dancefloor hire at Abbey House

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Dancefloor Hire at Mercure Blackrod in Bolton

Into the evening at Mercure Blackrod A6 near Bolton, locally known as the Georgian House.

Now it was time to set up the 12x12 white starlit led dancefloor and our all white dj booth ready for the evening reception party.

The combination of these worked great and set a lovely contrast against the warm white fairylights of the backdrop.

The dancefloor was full all night where we played everything from current chart music, 70s and 80s, motown and a lot of Indie and dance music.

We had everyone on the dancefloor for the last song of the night and brought a great end to the Wedding and a full day that ran so smoothly. 

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor hire at Mercure Blackrod Bolton

Wedding DJ Bolton

Uplighting hire Bolton

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Dancefloor Hire at Mottram Hall Cheshire

Here is another angle from our full evening entertainment for a Wedding at Mottram Hall in Cheshire.

From this angle you can see our Wedding DJ set up including booth, our pink uplighters which light the room a lovely shade of pink, and our large white led dancefloor.

The package works together very well and helps transform the venue from the serenity of the Wedding Breakfast into a evening reception to remember!

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor hire at Mottram Hall in Cheshire

Wedding DJ Mottram Hall

Uplighting Mottram Hall

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Dancefloor Hire at Ridgmont House in Horwich Bolton

As one of the leading dancefloor companies in the North West, its nice to travel all over Lancashire to provide our Wedding hire services. We also love supplying the local venues when asked to do so.

This week we were hired for a Wedding at Ridgmont House in Horwich Bolton to provide our white starlit dance floor as well as our pink uplighting and fairylight backdrop for the Wedding party.

The fairylight curtain was used along the rear wall to cover the windows but provide a nice backdrop for the first dance sitting just behind the dj and wedding cake.

The white twinkling dance floor was laid in front of the evening disco and was enjoyed by all throughout the evening music.

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor Hire in Horwich

uplighting hire in Horwich

Fairylight Backdrop Hire in Horwich

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Dancefloor Hire at Rudding Park Harrogate

A trip over to North Yorkshire this weekend for a Wedding at Rudding Park in Harrogate.

We were asked to provide a sparkle to the Wedding entertainment and did so using our striking pink and purple uplighting and flashing starlight dancefloor.

These looked stunning when we turned the lights down in the room and the white leds in the dancefloor look stunning slowly twinkling as everyone danced the night away!

We also provided our professional Wedding DJ service. In the photo you can see our starcloth dj booth which looks fitting for any Wedding and helps conceal any untidy wiring.

Finished off with our professional dj lighting which coloured the room in fantastic colour and patterns. As our lighting is dmx controlled the lighting was constantly changed for every aspect of the evning - slow and subtle for the start and first dance, lighter for the evening buffet and full on party for the rest of the night!

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting at Rudding Park

Dancefloor hire at Rudding Park

Wedding DJ Harrogate

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Dancefloor Hire at Ruthin Castle

We have supplied our services at Ruthin Castle for years.

From Wedding DJ to uplighting, black and white dancefloor and white led dancefloor, we have supplied entertainment for lots of Weddings here, both in the main ball room and medieval room.

In the main ballroom (pictured) you can see our white led dance floor, dj lighting and a few pink uplighters in the room.

The room can be configured in several different ways, with the dancefloor in the middle of the room (typically a 12x12 size) or with the dance floors at the bottom the room (typically a 16x16 sized floor).

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting at Ruthin Castle

Dancefloor hire at Ruthin castle

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Dancefloor Hire at Shrigley Hall in Pot Shrigley

Ready for the Wedding Reception party!

This photo shows our 16x16 white starlit dancefloor, lemon yellow uplighting, chair covers with organza silver sash and custom made table centrepieces.

We provided the Martini vases with water beads, mirror base and led light up bases and the Bride provided the yellow hand made tops for the vases.

The entire colour scheme worked brilliantly and made for a superb Wedding!

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor hire at Shrigley Hall

Uplighting hire Shrigley Hall

Chair Cover Hire Pot Shrigley

Table Centrepieces

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Flashing Dancefloor at Stirk House in Gisburn

Our flashing dancefloor is perfect for any Wedding venue and fits great at Stirk House in Gisburn Lancashire.

The venue already has a rectangular wooden floor area, but the white led dance floor is fine to go over the top of that as it is a permanent flat floor area.

Any size of dance floor is fine at Stirk House, but we usually put ina 16x16 as a minimum size.

The floors fit perfect positioned infront of the large stage and help highlight the dj band or any Wedding entertainment.

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor Hire at Stirk House

Uplighting at Stirk House

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Hot Pink Uplighting

Following on from the Wedding Breakfast at Stirk House in Gisburn it was time to get the party going, and in preperation we set our uplighters from soft pink to hot pink and cerise to give that party feeling!

The striking colour scheme looked fantastic and really set the tone for a great evening.

The Bride loved the change in colour and it was like walking back into a different room after the meal.

The hot pink and cerise is a nice alternative colour to pink or purple.

See our products used on this event here:

Hot Pink Uplighting

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LED Dancefloor and Red Uplighting at Christmas Wedding

Christmas Weddings are always a fantastic time for a celebration with every guest in great spirits!

Here in the photo we had secretely been asked to provide red uplighting for the evening and night do, and hide our white led dance floor behind the curtain dividing the room until it was time to surprise the Bride and Groom when they came back into the room!

Red uplighting (also shown) adds to any xmas party event and really warms up the look of the room.

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor Hire in Manchester

Uplighting in Manchester


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LED Dancefloor and Wedding DJ and Pink Uplighting at Rookery Hall in Cheshire

A lovelys venue for a Cheshire Wedding Rookery Hall was were we provided a Wedding package for the evening reception to bring some sparkle, colour and fun!

The Bride and Groom hired our 16x16 white starlit dancefloor alongside pink uplighting and purple up lighting around the room and our Wedding DJ which we provided a white starcloth booth to fit in with the lovely pink and white colour scheme.

The room was perfect for this package with the dancefloor and dj being a real focal point, and the uplighters covering all 4 walls of the room.

It creates a real wow factor as you walk into the main room from the bar area.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting at Rookery Hall

Starlit Dancefloor hire at Rookery Hall

Pink Uplighting at Rookery Hall

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Led Dancefloor at York Wedding

It is great to see Weddings in big cities and counties and we love working in York!

At this weekends Wedding we provided a backdrop curtain system, large victorian post box hire, blue uplighting, white chair covers and blue sash bows in organza material, our Wedding DJ set up and large white led dancefloor.

It was a great day and evening and all our products worked very well together as they are designed to do.

The blue uplighting really made the white starlit flashing dancefloor stand out and our DJ lighting highlighted the newlyweds during the First Dance for everyone to see.

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor hire in York

chair cover hire

Uplighting in Yorkshire

Post Box hire for Wedding

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Marquee Lighting in Tarporley

Hiring uplighting for a Wedding is the most cost efficient way to get a stunning effect!

By positioning our up-lighters around the walls of the room, we can light the walls, structure and features of the room in any colour scheme of your choice to match or contrast your Wedding theme.

Here at the Wild Boar in Tarporley, Cheshire, we have transformed the plain white marquee into a lovely warm looking room fit for a fantastic Wedding using our up-lights in alternate pink, purple and blue colours.

See our products used on this event here:

Marquee Uplighting Hire

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Multi Coloured Uplighting

Most of our uplighting events are for a static colour throughout the whole room. This weekend was a nice change as we were asked to bring a venue to life for a birthday party by using striking lighting colours that were all different to each other.

We used our Par 64 uplights to get the maximum lighting throw from floor to ceiling and beam angle.

Once we had the uplighting set in red yellow green blue pink purple and orange, we dimmed the venue lights and the party began!

See our products used on this event here:

Multi Coloured Uplighting

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Multi Coloured Uplighting in Manchester

We supply our lighting hire for parties throughout Manchester.

This week we were at The Place venue in Manchester City Centre to provide multi coloured uplighting for a party.

The room had plenty of features to light, including walls, doorways, brickwork and even a little jetty!

We used mint green lighting for the daytime to give the room a mint wash, then switched to dark blue, purple and red for the evening party celebration.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting Hire in Manchester

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Pale Gold Lighting for a Wedding at Ashton Memorial Lancaster

It;s always a privilege to visit Wedding venues you wouldn't normally get chance to visit, and the Ashton Memorial building in Lancaster is one of those!

This is the building you can see on the way to Lancaster and Morecambe from the M6 motorway.

We were asked to add subtle pale gold uplighting to the main room to give it a wash of colour and then add some atmospherical lighting for the evening reception.

The room looked superb and we also used a few spare uplighters to light the ceildh band that the Bride and Groom had booked for the party.

See our products used on this event here:

Pale Gold Uplighting

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Party Lighting Hire at Charnock Farm Leyland

Multi coloured party lighting was hired for a birthday party at Charnock Farm in Leyland.

To create a lively party atmosphere we set our uplights to red, white and green which set the atmosphere for a great night!

The lighting was positioned around the room and lit the walls from floor to ceiling and fitted in superbly with the dj lighting.

See our products used on this event here:

Party Lighting Charnock Farm Leyland

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Pink Uplighting at Mottram Hall Cheshire

One of our regular Wedding venues is Mottram Hall in Mottram St.Andrew Cheshire.

We regularly supply dance floor hire here and uplighting.

Here at Mottram Hall we utilise our wireless uplighting as there are a few areas where there are no power sockets, so the wireless uplighters are able to light areas other types of uplights could not.

The room here compliments any colour scheme well as it has quite a neutral decor. Here we used a light pink to colour the venue in a lovely shade for the Bride and Groom which matched the Bridesmaids dresses. Behind the camera is our Wedding DJ set up and white starlight dancefloor which can be seen in another blog.

See our products used on this event here:

Pink Uplighting

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Pink Uplighting Hire at Dunkenhalgh Hotel Clayton le Moors

Pink uplighting was the colour scheme for todays Wedding celebrations at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel in Clyton le Moors inbetween Accrington and Burnley in Lancashire.

The main room is large and has two levels to it - main area and a raised area) and a stage as well.

We lit the walls in a romantic pink and then made a focal point of the stage by lighting the main stage area and the columns at each side.

The uplighters looked perfect with the venue dressing and centrepieces.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire at Dunkenhalgh Hotel

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Pink Uplighting Hire at the Deanwater in Wilmslow

Subtle baby pink uplighting was hired today for a Wedding at the Deanwater in Wilmslow Cheshire.

Lighting the main room which was pictured here for the Wedding Breakfast, we positioned the up-lighters around the room walls, along the back of the main fairylight curtain, and pictured here down the windows behind the top table.

The pale pink coloured lighting looks great as the Bride and Groom and Bridal Party enter the room in front of their guests, as its a lovely subtle effect which adds to the look of the room rather than being a stand out lighting effect, which is what you want from uplighting in the daytime.

See our products used on this event here:

Pink Uplighting Hire

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Purple Uplighting Hire at West Tower in Ormskirk

West Tower in Ormskirk, Lancashire, is the perfect venue for adding our lighting packages to.

As the venue is decorated in a neutral colour scheme, it lends itself to be coloured in any style you like.

As you will see from our other photos on the website during the daytime and for the civil ceremony and meal, we keep the uplighting subtle which works great. In the photo attached however, you will see the room set up for the evening party!

We have washed the room with our purple uplighters and also added a custom made Wedding gobo projection showing the names of the Bride and Groom which looked spectacular!

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire at West Tower Ormskirk

Monogram Wedding hire

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Purple Uplighting Hire Holiday Inn A55

Cadbury Purple up lighting hire is very popular for Weddings and Parties.

It is a perfect colour as it is gender neutral (ie not pink or blue) but the perfect inbetween mix.

The purple uplighters add a lovely colour wash to civil ceremonies, meals or receptions.

Pictured hure at the Holiday Inn express on the A55 in North Wales.

See our products used on this event here:

Purple Uplighting Hire

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Red and Gold Uplighting Hire

Pictured here at Bartle Hall in Preston is an example of how Wedding lighting can be used in an alternate scheme to creat a lovely warm atmosphere.

Mixing red and gold light using our par 56 uplighters we mixed red lighting and gold lighting around the room which looked fantastic against the red sashes on the chairs.

These 2 colours work on an all day basis as they are quite pastel in the daytime where sunshine and natural light can get into the room, then in the evening they become very rich and deep in colour which looks amazing!

See our products used on this event here:

Red and Gold Uplighting Hire

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Red Uplighting at a Christmas Party

Uplighting can be used to enhance any party theme to really make it come to life.

For example, green lighting and red lighting look great at Halloween Party, pink and blue at a christening, and here, red lighting looks very warm and festive at a Christmas Party!

See our products used on this event here:

Party Lighting

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Red Uplighting Premier Inn Yorkshire

Special events need something special, and this weekends surprise birthday party looked amazing with our red uplighting package.

A trip over to the Premier Inn in Barnsley in Yorkshire was well worth the journey to see the looks on the birthday party girls face when she walked in!

The red lighting made the venue look spectacular as the band and dj played until the early hours.

See our products used on this event here:

Red Uplighting

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Rookery Hall Uplighting Hire

Uplighting can be used in several different ways to make your Wedding or party look amazing.

Here at Rookery Hall in Cheshire we have created a custom purple and pink colour scheme designed to work all day.

The lighting creates a romantic effect in the daytime, then a real party lighting effect for the evening.

All colours and shades of purple and pink are available. We can colour mix to get the perfect colour for you.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire Rookery Hall Cheshire

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Starlit Dancefloor and Blue Uplighting St Davids Ewloe

On rare occassions we get change to set the entire room before any Wedding guests enter for the day.

Here in the photo at St davids in Ewloe Buckley, North Wales, we have set our large white starlit dancefloor in the middle of the room, just in front of the top table.

Once the Wedding guests and bridal party entered there were gasps as the room was such a pleasant surprise to them!

The dancefloor was a superb focal point during the Wedding Breakfast and looked fantastic on the Wedding photographs of the speeches including those of the father of the bride and best man speech!

To finish off the room in this Winter Wonderland theme, we added rich blue uplighters which really added the final touches to the Wedding theme.

See our products used on this event here:

Blue Uplighing

Starlit Dancefloor

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Starlit Dancefloor Wedding DJ and Names Projection Oulton Hall Leeds West Yorkshire

An all day Wedding this week at Oulton Hall near Leeds in West Yorkshire.

We provided a full music and lighting service covering the Wedding Breakfast and Reception. This included background music for the Wedding Breakfast, followed by the use of wireless microphones for the speeches of the Best Man and Wedding Party.

Once the meal had finished it was time to turn the room around ready for the evening reception, where we installed our purple uplighting, professional Wedding DJ set up, large 16x16ft white starlit led dance floor and monogram projection, showing the names of the Bride and Groom.

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor hire Leeds

Purple Uplighting for Wedding

Names Projection for Weddings

Wedding DJ Leeds

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Stirk House Gisburn Cerise uplighting and bows

A 2 room Wedding was this weeks setting at Stirk House in Gisburn Lancashire.

We hired our ivory chair covers in lycra for a perfect fit, and combined them with alternate charcoal grey organza sashes and cerise organza sashes tied in bows.

To finish the effect the Bride hired our Par 64 uplighters to create a lovely cerise colour uplighting around the walls of the room.

See our products used on this event here:

Cerise Uplighting

Chair Cover Hire and Bows

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Twinkling Dancefloor at Premier Inn Ellesmere Port

We love working in Premier Inns and Holiday Inns.

The venue rooms are always well thought out and great for a speedy set up - especially useful during tight turnaround times at Weddings.

In this photo, due to the Wedding over running all day, we managed to lay this 14x14 ft twinkling led dance floor and fill the room with purple uplighting in less than half an hour to which the staff were incredibly grateful as it meant everything could now run to plan for the rest of the Wedding party!

We always liaise with the resident dj when there is one to make sure they have sufficient room to set up and operate and that they can get the very best out of the event for all the guests.

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor Hire in Ellesmere Port

Uplighting in Ellesmere Port

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Up-lighting hire in Blackpool

We often combine our professional DJ service with our full room uplighting to supply a fantastic Wedding entertainment package for Weddings and parties.

Here in Blackpool, we have used our sky blue uplighting to fill the room to match the Wedding colour scheme which was Manchester City sky blue.

With the room being naturally dark, the lighting was striking and really turned the room into a perfect party venue for the evening reception.

We can hire every shade of blue uplighting including pale blue, sky blue, navy blue, royal blue, dark blue and pastel blue.

See our products used on this event here:

Up-lighting Hire in Blackpool

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Uplighters in Poynton Cheshire

Here we are with our uplighters in Poynton Cheshire provided a gold coloured lighting effect onto the walls and brickwork for the Wedding Breakfast.

The colour scheme was designed to add some light to the room and work in contrast with the chair covers and sashes.

Gold looks tremendous when used all day as it is very subtle to start with, helping just to add a hint of coloured light and class, then gets more prominent as the Wedding goes on, ending up looking very rich and bright during the Wedding reception.

We have all shades of gold lighting available from pale yellow gold to rich orange gold.

See our products used on this event here:


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Uplighting at Bartle Hall in Preston

We love lighting Weddings at Bartle Hall in Lea, Preston, and have lit many Weddings there in all different colour combinations.

Usually you see photos of the bar area or bottom of the room uplit, but just to show you how the stage area looks we took a few photos of that.

In the photo attached we have just used 4 par 36 led uplighters to create a lovely symetrical pink uplighting effect.

The wall behind the stage area near the dj does not need much lighting as you still want the dancefloor area to be dark enough to get the full effect of the dj lights for the evening party.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting at Bartle Hall

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Uplighting at Charnock Farm in Leyland

It is not just plain white plastered walls that make our uplighting look fantastic. Using a slightly different lighting technique, brickwork and stone work buildings can look equally as romantic.

Here in the pic attached we see Charnock Farm near Leyland lit with a shocking pink colour effect which brings a touch of colour and atmosphere to the Wedding.

The key to lighting the brickwork is to highlight its features, not try and hide it as some up lighting companies would.

Charnock Farm looks great when uplit in any colour.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire at Charnock Farm

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Uplighting at Craxton Wood in Cheshire

Sometimes our clients prefer just to have a blush or slight addition of colour to the room rather than full uplighting.

Here at Craxton Wood we added subtle pink lights to compliment the gold sashes and gold and white colour scheme.

The pink uplighting whilst not striking added just enough of a contrast of colour to give the room a nice warm feeling.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire at Craxton Wood

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Uplighting at the Met Hotel in Leeds

Uplighting looks great in any venue, but in venues with classic architecture such as pillars and high ceilings it looks absolutely fantastic!

Here we travelled up the M62 to Leeds in West Yorkshire to the Met Hotel where we were asked to add a touch of colour to the main Wedding room.

We set our uplighters to pink to match the Wedding colours, and positioned them at the bottom of each pillar in the room to light up directly up to the top of the pillars for a great look. This is a perfect example of how lighting the room correctly does not mean over powering the room with too many lights, but using the features of the room to provide the correct amount needed.

This photo was taken early in the morning in bright sunshine, and you can see how effective it looks even then. Once the sun had gone down, and the venue lighting dimmed, the uplighters looked striking for the evening party!

See our products used on this event here:

uplighting hire in Leeds

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Uplighting at Thornton Manor in the Wirral

Our high quality uplighters including par56 and par64 uplights are designed to work perfectly in any Wedding venue.

Seen here at Thornton Manor in the Wirral, we used our uplighting to light the fireplace area in alternate pink and blue light.

Then we took the staircase to light the window areas in yellow gold at the top of the fireplace which made a real centrepiece in the room.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire the Wirral

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Uplighting at West Tower Ormskirk

West Tower in Ormskirk, Lancashire, is a fantastic venue for uplighting. As it is neutral is decor giving a fresh feel, the room can be colour washed any colour you like without being over powering.

The natural light of the venue really compliments the uplighting when installed professionally and helps set the scene for a romantic day and special Wedding!

Here we see our purple uplighting set up for the afternoon whilst there is still a lot of natural light coming in through the windows.

The purple colour is set nice and subtle for during the Ceremony and Wedding Breakfast meal, then as the sun goes down and the evening party begins, becomes very rich and looks amazing for a party!

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting at West Tower Ormskirk

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Uplighting for a Wedding at Manchester University

Something completely different for us at Sparkling Weddings and Events this week.

A huge room at one of Manchester Universities buildings was perfect for our high powered uplighting hire.

We coloured the venue walls in purple and blue uplighting which streched from the floor to the very high ceiling.

Then, we lit floor areas from the elevated gallery, before moving on to light the architectural features of the organ pipes.

For an idea of scale the LOVE letters were 4ft high and the small objects in the photo are Wedding guests!

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire Manchester

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Uplighting Hire at Carden Park Wedding

Todays Wedding at Carden Park near Whitchurch in Cheshire was a full day event.

We supplied our Wedding DJ for the evening as well as a rectangular led dancefloor in white.

In this photo you can see how the room looked from behind our DJ set up. We lit the room with turquoise uplighting and pink uplighting to create a stunning look!

We used our lights to add a special colour effect to the room to match the Bridesmaids dresses in pink and Groomsmens ties in turquoise.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting Hire at Carden Park

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Uplighting Hire at Tatton Park

Tatton Park in Cheshire is a stunning venue for a Wedding.

This week we were asked to light up Tennants Hall with red uplighters.

As an added extra we got the chance to try our new high powered gobo projector and wow! did it look amazing.

We positioned the names projector on stage at one end of the hall and you can see it projected onto the opposite wall which made the names projection around 20ft high in stunning definition!

This photo was taken in broad daylight - once night time came the venue looks stunning!

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire Tatton Park Cheshire

Monogram Wedding Projection

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Uplighting hire for Christening

As well as Weddings, we provide our lighting services to all kinds of events.

Christenings are perfect for uplighting as you can light the room in pink for a girl, blue for a boy, or in the case of this photograph and mixture of the two colours for twins.

We lit the room using par lighting in pastel shades of blue and pink as not to over power the room. This fitted in perfectly with the pastel bows tied on the chair covers.

We can provide any colour lighting for christenings, yellow is also popular as it is neutral and can be used for boy or girl.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting Hire for Christening

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Uplighting hire in Chorley

Uplighting is the most popular way to make your Wedding or party come to life!

We can set our uplighters to any coloured lighting to create the lighting effect you desire.

Photographed here at Charnock Farm near Chorley in Lancashire is an example of blue uplighting on the brickwork of the Wedding venue.

We use a selction of different uplighters including par36 par56 and par64 par cans to get the perfect lighting effect for you.

We cover Chorley and surrounding areas including Leyland, Preston, Bolton, Blackpool, Wigan, Blackburn and Manchester.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting Hire in Chorley

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Uplighting hire in Conwy

We were one of the very first Wedding suppliers to provide uplighting services and Wedding lighting hire in the Conwy area.

Seen here is our light purple, in a shade of violet and indigo, uplighting at a hotel function in Llandudno in Conwy.

We can provide all colours and shades of uplighters, in a purple shade you can go fully from a pink colour to a blue colour and all shades inbetween.

Purple is a superb shade as it is gender neutral, looks very professional, romantic and party ready! 

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting Hire in Conwy

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Uplighting hire in Leeds

A fantastic venue in Leeds for a corporate event this week.

Decorated in blue and black, including black chair covers, the room spared no expense.

We were asked to uplight the room with blue uplighters and did so by lighting the walls, doorways and the central pillars in a 360 degree pattern to ensure full coverage.

Blur was such a great choice as the room contained black and white starcloths and backdrops, which really worked well with the blue lighting to create a high end corporate event look.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting Hire in Leeds

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Venue Dressing at Shrigley Hall Cheshire

The Tilden Suite at Shrigley Hall in Cheshire was the venue for todays all day Wedding.

Here you can see the set up for the Wedding Breakfast.

The Wedding colour scheme was lemon yellow which we matched with subtle yellow uplighting.

We fitted our white chair covers with organza silver sash which provided a lovely contrast to the yellow.

We also provided guest table centrepieces which consisted of our large glass martini vases filled with water beads. These were seated on mirror bases and light up led bases that light up the water beads in the vase. The Bride had made the lemon yellow top decoration for the vases.

We also swagged the top table and placed shorter martini vases along the table which also were lit up by the led bases.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire Shrigley Hall

Chair Cover Hire Pot Shrigley

Table Centrepieces

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Venue Dressing in Lancaster

A journey up the M6 and A6 took us to the lovely Lancaster House just outside Lancaster City Centre.

We were asked to transform the room into something special and the Bride and Groom chose the following:

For the Wedding Breakfast we set up our Fairylight Backdrop Curtain which we extended to 10m x 3m to cover the back wall and sit just behind the top table. We then added various sizes of crystal goblets each containing a tealight along the front of the table to add a real romantic look to the room. The florist placed a green garland inbetween the goblets which looked great, and we finished of the top table decoration with our custom made swagging.

For the guest tables the newlyweds hired our large crystal vase table centrepieces with internal tea light which lit up the crystal on the vase to create a beautiful effect both during the meal and evening party.

We finished the room with a subtle shade of lavender uplighting.

For the evening reception we added in our professional Wedding DJ including starlit booth which looked great in front of the fairy light backdrop, and our white starlit dancefloor.

A fantastic Wedding venue and lovely example of what can be achieved with our venue dressing.

See our products used on this event here:

Up-lighting Hire in Lancaster

Venue Dressing in Lancaster

Fairylight Backdrop Hire in Lancaster

Table Centrepiece Hire in Lancaster

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Wedding at Bodnant Welsh Food

We provided the evening entertainment for a lovely Wedding at Bodnant Welsh Food in North Wales.

We created a fantastic Weding Package which included our professional Wedding DJ with white starcloth booth and DMX white lighting, black and white check dancefloor, white uplighting and names projection which we positioned over the top of the DJ booth.

This worked together to create a lovely subtle romantic effect for the room in keeping with the decor of the Wedding venue.

We had a great night with a lovely crowd and the music filled the dance floor all evening.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire North Wales

Wedding DJ

Dancefloor Hire North Wales

Monogram Projection

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Wedding Ceremony at Mercure Blackrod A6 in Bolton

A full Wedding package this week for us at the Georgian House Blackrod A6 near Bolton.

We were hired to provide for all 3 main parts of the Wedding - the Ceremony, the Wedding Breakfast meal & Evening Reception.

Ceremony: chair covers and bows, backdrop, uplighting, ceremony music.

Wedding Breakfast: Chair Cover Hire, Uplighting, Backdrop, Fairylights, Background music, mics for speeches.

Evening: Wedding DJ, Uplighting, White Starlit dancefloor.

In this photo you can see our chair covers, pink satin sash bows alternated with ivory champagne satin sash bows.

See our products used on this event here:

Chair Cover hire at Mercure Blackrod Bolton

Wedding Ceremony Music


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Wedding DJ Dancefloor Hire and Uplighting in Sheffield

We cover such a wide area that it is great to see so many different venues and locations.

Today was no different as we travelled to Sheffield in South Yorkshire to provide the evening entertainment for a lovely family Wedding.

We created a classy blue and white winter effect using our white starlit dj booth, a 12x10 ft white twinkling dancefloor and blue and white uplighting around the room.

It was great to play music for such a willing crowd and we played everything from classic disco and party songs to more up to date r n b and dance music.

A lovely round of thank you's at the end of the night for all our hard work was well received.

See our products used on this event here:

White LED Dancefloor

White Uplighting

Wedding DJ

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Wedding DJ in Lancashire

As professional Wedding DJs our job is not just to keep the dancefloor full and spirits high amongst the Wedding guests, it is also about fitting in with the Wedding decor and styling and colour scheme.

In this photo, taken before all the evening guests arrived, we have used our black starlit booth with white leds and put several purple uplighters behind the booth along the back wall for a subtle look rather than a full on party disco set up.

See our products used on this event here:

Wedding DJ

Purple Uplighting hire

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Wedding DJ LED Dancefloor and LOVE Letters in Lancaster

We love creating bespoke Wedding packages for our clients. Here is a photo of our Wedding DJLED starlit dancefloor and Giant Love Letters set to a red colour, set up early in the morning ready for the Wedding guests to enjoy upon entering the room for the Wedding Breakfast.

Todays Wedding was finished off with peach uplighting and our lovely candy cart.

See our products used on this event here:

Wedding DJ hire in Lancaster

led dancefloor hire in Lancaster

Love Letter hire in Lancaster


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Wedding Lighting and Dancefloor Hire at Hope University Liverpool

A hidden gem in Liverpool, Hope University was a fantastic setting for a Wedding.

We supplied different styles of lighting to create a superb looking Wedding venue. In this image in broad daylight, we mixed the house lighting with our uplighters set to a pale gold for a really warm lighting effect.

You may also be able to see our white twinkle dancefloor at the left hand side. We supplied a 16x16 sized dance floor which was a great fit in the middle of the room, next to the Wedding DJ booth.

See our products used on this event here:

LED Dancefloor in Liverpool

Wedding Lighting Liverpool

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Wedding Lighting at Crewe Hall

Crewe Hall has several different functions rooms that are great for uplighting.

From the traditional ceremony room in the main part of the hotel, which is great for lighting down the aisle, to the newly built function room round the back of the hotel, every room looks extra special when you add our uplighting hire.

Here we have lit the room in purple before the Wedding meal just to give an example of how the lighting looks in the daytime.

In this room we used both blue and purple lighting.

See our products used on this event here:

Wedding Lighting Hire

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White Uplighting for a Wedding at Village Hotel Cheadle

We regularly work at the  Village Hotel Cheadle and this week were asked to provide some subtle white uplighting for a lovely simple Wedding look.

Seen here with the venue lights on as we were setting up for the afternoon, the white lighting adds a lovely touch without being over powering and really brings out the best of the venue room.

White light also looks stunning in the late evening when all the lights are down and just the uplighting and dj lights fill the room.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting Village Hotel Cheadle

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Yellow Uplighting

Yellow uplighting works great at all kinds of occassions and events.

Seen here at a Wedding in Wigan Lancashire, with a pastel yellow colour scheme, the yellow gives a nice burst of colour that is slightly different from the usual Wedding colours and lighting.

Yellow lighting also works very well with other pastel colours such as mint green, light pink, pale blue and pale purple. 

See our products used on this event here:

Yellow Uplighting Hire

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