Fairylight Partition Curtain

Sometimes we have clients and Wedding couples who would like to use our products and services to hide or disguise certain parts of their chosen Wedding venue, and we have just the items and experience to do this easily and effectively.

In the photograph shown is how we hid the tables, chairs and centrepieces that were to be used for the Wedding Breakfast meal out of sight (as the Wedding Ceremony was to be in the same room).

We used our fairylight backdrop curtain and fully adjustable pipe and drape system to create a box shape curtain surround, complete with fairylights, which hid the items inside that area out of view from any guests, so the room looked like it was to be used specifically only for the Ceremony.

After the Ceremony had finished, we straightened out the backdrop from a right angle to a larger straight curtain and placed it flat against the wall, with the Top Table (which was previously hidden) positioned in front of it whilst the room was then rearranged for the Wedding Breakfast.

This whole process helped to run the Wedding from one room without having to see unsightly furniture or store all the tables and chairs in a different room.

See our products used on this event here:

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